Bad Boys Get Punished

My boyfriend likes to be punished by me. He likes to be teased, denied and whipped on occasion. I have no issue doing these to him, since I feel most men deserve to be punished. Most are perverts and have degenerate tendencies that should be punished when they come to light. I decided to buy him a chastity device to keep him in when I’m not physically with him. He’s such a chronic masturbator he cannot be controlled unless his cock is in lockdown. He balked at first, but once I got him used to the idea, he’s come around. Or so I thought.

The other day even though his cock was locked up, I caught him with a prostate massager up his ass and playing with his nipples. He was rocking back and forth with the toy up his ass, eyes closed and moaning. My jaw dropped in shock. He really cannot be trusted. So I went to the closet and got out the flogger I keep on the top shelf for just such occasions when his libido gets the better of him, which is often. I whipped it across the tops of his thighs and his chest. He’d been so lost in his masturbation he hadn’t even heard me come into the room.

I pushed him over on his side and yanked the still buzzing toy out of his ass and told him what a bad boy he was, trying to cum without permission. I flayed that flogger across his ass so many times his butt cheeks were dark pink. I knew he was still horny from the way he was bucking on his side and pleading for release. Some men just cannot be trusted when alone. I tied him up spread eagle on the bed and straddled his face and made him lick my pussy until I came and he thought he was going to get to cum as well, until I left the room with him tied up for an hour until I came back to untie him.

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