Watch Yourself Masturbate

Watching can be fun even if you are alone, you don’t need to count on porn to get aroused, a good, old fashioned mirror will do. Many couple love to have sex in front of mirrors as well, hence the old standby mirror that hangs over the bed. Being alone and watching yourself can be a very sexually enjoyable experience, especially if you have a close-up mirror that can give you a much better view than what you’d be able to see yourself. It’s hard to believe lots of women have not given their bodies a good look in the mirror to know their own bodies better.

Even if porn is not your thing, watching yourself or you and your partner can not only help you learn about your bodies more, but give you a totally different perspective than just doing it and not watching. Try watching just the reflection and not your own real self, it has to be experienced to be appreciated. It’s not something to do every time you masturbate or have sex, but once in a while it really adds a whole different element to the sexual experience.

Some guys that call up for phone sex will mention masturbating in front of the mirror and seem a bit surprised women do this as well, some also mention how they love to shoot their cum all over the mirror and watch it run down the glass in rivulets. So messy you guys are, but whatever turns you on and doesn’t hurt anyone is a good thing, and watching your own self can be a good thing to do. Enjoy your own reflections.

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