Sex at the Drive In

Recently a drive in movie theater opened not that far from my home. Such a retro thing many of us have fond memories of. Most are closed now, but there are some that remain and rarely new ones open, but as soon as I heard about it, I told my boyfriend and said when I was a teenager I used to go there with boyfriends all the time and having sex at the drive in was one of the highlights of the summertime and would he be interested? I sure didn’t need to ask twice.

We were there with loads of other cars waiting to be let in and when it was dark, well, let’s just say the windows were steamed up and we crawled into the backseat and the car was certainly rocking back and forth, but then a lot of others were as well. This kind of nostalgia, brings back old memories and I think others had the same idea as I had. I wasn’t really interested in the movie, but the experience took me back to my youth. Passionate kisses in the front seat, getting felt up and my nipples getting hard, the hand slowly creeping up my thigh and towards my panties.

Then touching that hard cock and wanting it inside of me and getting laid out in the backseat to have as much room as possible, still cramped, but one makes do when the need is there regardless of the level of comfort. People filing past at intermission to the washrooms and snack bar and hoping they don’t stop long enough to peer in your steamed up windows and see what’s going on inside, like the car rocking doesn’t clue them in enough. I think we will be making a few trips to the drive in before it closes fort he season. Who knows, one time we may even actually watch the movie!

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