BBW Belly Button Fucking

One of my callers is really into super sized BBW’s, as in the really big women. The over four hundred pound variety. He pays plus sized escorts to eat gigantic meals in front of him as he jerks off and he fucks them sometimes and even fucks their belly buttons, which the largest of women have a large enough and big enough belly to fuck. The first time he thought about fucking a belly button, he wasn’t sure it could work, but I told him to look up porn of it online and there’s lots of it.

He also has a fairly small cock, so that made it even easier. It’s kind of a challenge if you have a bigger woman and a partner with a small cock, it’s challenging under the best of circumstances when they are large and the man has a normal sized cock, the positions are limited as to what will realistically work, but the belly fucking is honestly perfect for guys with small dicks. There’s many varieties of non penetrative sex, well this is penetrating, but when one says penetrating one usually thinks of a vagina, anal sex, or oral sex, not a navel, since of course only the largest of women is able to accomplish such a feat.

I don’t see how a woman would be getting any sexual satisfaction from such an act, since it’s not anywhere near the sex organs, but some people do truly just enjoy giving others pleasure, so some would be ok with that. It’s amazing the number of things people can do without having actual sex to get sexual pleasure from it that most people wouldn’t give a thought to. There really is a whole world of sexual pleasures out there to be discovered.

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