Let Me Be Your Tied Up Whore

My boyfriend is a bit wilder than I am in the bedroom, but he’s never asked me to do anything yet that I was uncomfortable with once I wrapped my mind around it. Last weekend he asked me how I felt about possibly being restrained and tied down to the bed and having a ball gag placed in my mouth. I thought about it and said I could live with it and would be willing to try it.

He brought home a bag of supplies from the sex shop and we went into the bedroom to try them out. He had me lay down on my stomach in the nude spread eagle and he cuffed my ankles and tied my hands and placed the ball gag in my mouth. Then he took out a riding crop and a cat o nine tails and began lightly whipping my ass cheeks with the thin, leather strips and kept doing it harder until I whimpered. I was squirming, but also felt myself getting wet with excitement.

He knew I was getting aroused and soon placed his fingers in my pussy from behind and started to rub my clit until I was panting and wriggling around on the bed and he made me cum and then he pulled the ball gag out of my mouth and stuck his fingers in my mouth that were coated with my own juices. I sucked on them and then he got on top of me and fucked me from behind while I was still spread eagle and tied down. I was soon pumped full of his cum and loving our first experiment with bondage.

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