Please Let Me Cum

One thing my boyfriend loves to do is make me “beg for it.” As in beg to be allowed to cum. He enjoys teasing me and denying me orgasm, and has been known to prolong the exquisite torture of being on the brink of orgasm for quite a long time. When I finally do cum, it is hot and hard and wet and sloppy, just how we both like it. I get extremely wet when I get aroused, we always have to put down on the bed before getting in because the sheets would be sopping wet otherwise.

I do enjoy being teased, but he can make this go on for hours, to the point where my poor throbbing, swollen pussy is just needing to cum. He likes to give me the female equivalent of blue balls. He’s extraordinarily talented in bed, which is why I keep coming back for more, and he doesn’t tease me like this every single time we have sex, but fairly often. Sometimes a quickie is what is needed and there’s no time to beg for it when you just want to fucking cum!

Last night was one of our long, extended sessions and I was indeed feeling the need for his cock inside of me to start moving and pumping and making me feel that wave of orgasm wash over me and I was again teetering on the brink for ages before he finally kept pumping until I went over that lovely abyss of pleasure and came on his cock, drenching the towel underneath of us.

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