Child Birth Fetish

One of the most perplexing fetishes I’ve come across is child birth fetish. Pregnancy and impregnation certainly make their appearance known, but actually getting turned on by women giving birth, there are no words really. The other night a man called that was a male nurse, and he became a nurse specifically to give him access to women in labor and aid in the birth of their babies. He said it’s such a massive turn on for him it’s all he can do to hide his erections he gets as he is there in the room with them and how after his shift he goes home and masturbates for hours reliving it in his mind.

He watches women giving birth videos like porn and strokes his cock as he watches the babies emerge from their vaginas. I was speechless. It’s not the first time someone has called with such a topic, but it’s so rare and odd it really rattles you to hear them go on about it. They aren’t harming anyone, it’s just so weird, not a widely known fetish either. Pretty much everyone has heard about a foot fetish or a pantyhose fetish, but this is certainly in the more rare category of fetishes to be sure.

He said when he gets married and his wife has children it will be the peak of excitement for him to watch it and have it be his own child. There’s just something about watching it come out that excites him more than words can express. Let’s hope it’s not a C section, that wouldn’t have the same impact for sure. Until that day, he will continue to watch recorded child birth videos and enjoy what he sees during his work as a nurse.

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