Girls Night In

I have this new friend and we had been getting along great and one night she came over for dinner and we had a bit too much wine and things got a bit friendlier than I’d anticipated. We started to talk about past experiences and we soon kissed each other and were feeling up each other’s tits and pussies. Her cunt was so wet as I slid my fingers into her panties, I found her clit already stiff and waiting for my touch. She was bucking her hips up to meet my hand and my entire hand was wet with her juices.

She asked if I’d ever been eaten out by another woman and I said no, but I’d be willing to try. With that remark, she was soon on the floor in front of me, pulling my panties down and pushing my skirt up and burying her face between my legs and licking my own stiffened clit. I grabbed the back of her head and was literally humping her face as she brought me closer and closer to cumming. I could feel her warm, wet tongue flickering across my clit, making me gasp in excitement. Her mouth felt better on me than any man’s had thus far.

I felt the first waves of orgasm approaching and I was soon cumming as she licked me through my orgasm. She laid back down beside me after and we kissed and sucked on each other’s nipples and played with our pussies. She was a lot of fun and I hadn’t thought of her in that way until tonight and didn’t know she even had an interest in other women, but she certainly knew what she was doing, and I was happy to have gotten to know her better.

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