Men Wanting Big, Black Cock

There’s lots of guys out there that want to see their women get fucked by BBC, the cuckolds usually love that idea, but there’s also guys that fantasize about BBC for their own pleasure. There’s no shortage of callers out there who talk about wanting to suck off bog, black cocks. One caller used to talk about how he regularly paid a black pimp and sucked him off, now he was a bit of an odd one, so I’m not sure how much was fantasy and how much was reality, but he said he paid to drink the cum of this black pimp that lived around where he did.

It’s hard not to laugh at some of the far fetched tales some of these callers come out with, but in any case, they do talk about going to glory holes and sucking off the big, black cocks of strangers coming through the walls and they never even see the faces of who they are sucking off, just cocks belonging to god knows who they are sucking off and swallowing the cum of.

Many do even go so far as to post or answer classifieds in sex classified sections online seeking guys to have random sexual encounters with, many of them are black that they seek out, since many of them have small cocks and black men are usually larger than the average male and they have fantasies about really big cocks, so much bigger than their own. No one will really know how much actually happens and how much is the figment of their porn saturated minds, but it keeps them occupied in any case, and they need someone like phone sex girls to confess their lunacy to.

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