Slut Wedding Guest

Who said wedding can’t be fun? Not me, I love going to weddings. I find them fun for many reasons. They are fairly easy to crash and get free food and drink and entertainment and blend in, especially if they are larger weddings. Not at all difficult to blend in if you’re dressed up nicely and are carrying a small gift. There’s booze flowing, many people are drunk, and lots of people are horny, that’s where I come in. I like to find guys that are often horny after having a few drinks and are looking for some company.

I crashed a wedding last weekend and had a very good time, I slept with two of the groomsmen and had a hell of a time. It wasn’t hard to get them to sneak off and play. One obviously had no date so he was easier to get alone and he was half drunk, so what guy’s going to say no to a woman that’s eager to suck his cock and then let him fuck her? I took this guy into the coat room and unzipped him and found his dick was already half hard and I got down on my knees and sucked on him and he had a gorgeous cock and boy did I enjoy getting it hard all the way and then bending over, pulling up my dress and having him fuck me.

His cock really filled up my pussy and he was pounding that dick all the way into me and I came pretty hard from his large dick in me. It was kind of a quickie, since we didn’t know how long we’d have in the coat room alone, but it got the job done for both of us. After, I went back out and had a lovely evening, drinking and dancing. I have another wedding crash planned for next weekend at a hotel.

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