Let Me Lick Your Ass

My boyfriend asked me if I’d ever allowed anyone to lick my ass, and I said no, the idea didn’t really appeal to me and I could guarantee you I’d never be doing that to anyone myself. He laughed and said I didn’t have to, but would I let him do it to me? I wasn’t really comfortable with the idea, but a few days later I was in the shower drying off and he walked in and said he knew I was as clean as I could be still being wet from the shower I’d just had, so could we please try now? It was easier to give in that fight about it, so I agreed.

I went and laid down on the bed and he kissed my clean as a whistle self and started to go down on my freshly shaved pussy, which of course I loved as usual, and then he let his tongue go a little lower and I felt it tickle my ass. I flinched, even knowing he was going to do it and he kept telling me to relax, it was ok, I was clean, there was no smell, I didn’t taste bad, and I finally relaxed and he swirled and swirled his tongue around my asshole and then started to stick the tip of his tongue inside of me and wiggle it around.

It was different, I was rubbing my clit as he was doing this and my wetness was dripping down to him at my ass, he said it just drove him crazy. He wanted to let me have him do it, I allowed it, I tried it, not sure I will again, but I gave it a go. Many times when a guy is going down on you, as you buck your hips up, a tongue might slip a bit lower and touch there by accident, unless you have a butt plug in to prevent such a thing, it can happen, many even love it, to each their own. Guys definitely seem to like it more than women do, but there are exceptions of course, and many submissives love to have their Mistress sit on their face and eat and worship their ass.

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