Sizing Up

Recently I was invited to a fancy New Year’s Eve gala, now that’s still several weeks away, but I was not happy with any dresses I saw, so I opted for a custom made one that no other woman there would have. It will be beautiful. A local tailor came recommended to me as having good workmanship and reasonable prices, so I decided to go and have him make it, so I took the pattern I’d found and the fabric I wanted, and I went over to see him. He measured me and he sure had a sensual way of measuring the body.

I found my nipples getting erect as he was touching me and I am certain he noticed it. When he wrapped the tape measure around my hips he grazed the mound of my pussy and I knew I was wet. There have been several fittings for this dress and it’s nearly finished. I think when next I go see him we are going to fuck. I could see the bulge in his pants the last time, so I know he wants me as much as I want him.

I can tell he’s hung and I can’t wait to get my hands, lips and pussy wrapped around that dick of his. Most tailors are older and no one you would ever desire, but his father taught him the business and he’s young, but skilled, having learned all of this his entire life and I bet he knows a woman’s body just as well unclothed as he does clothed. I am wanting him to strip me down and run his hands all over my body and make me scream with ecstasy, and I just know that is very soon.

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