Lick it Off, Lick it All Off

I was watching that movie last week with the girl in the whipped cream bikini, and decided I would surprise my boyfriend by doing that for him, and needless to say, he loved it. He was watching t.v. after dinner and I slipped away and went into the bathroom and covered my breasts and pussy with the whipped cream and came out and that got his attention! I asked if he saw anything he liked and he said it was obvious I was dessert, so he got down on the floor on his back and told me to sit on his face.

I did, and he licked off every last bit of the whipped cream and then licked my pussy until I was creaming all over his face. I got off his face and sat on the floor beside him and he reached over and then sucked on my cherry covered nipple and ate the cherry and then lapped off all of the now melting cream that was running down my body from my body heat.

He asked if I had any whipped cream left over and I went and got the can and he squirted it on his hard cock and asked me if I’d enjoy licking that off, and indeed I did, we got a bit silly and were squirting it all over ourselves and licking it off until the can was empty and we were a sticky mess. We headed t the shower and washed it all off and then went into the bedroom and fucked for hours. There is inspiration to be had from some movies!

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