One Inch Wonder

A caller the other night said he was only an inch hard when erect, he has one of those micro penises and said a cuckold relationship is the only type he’s ever been in, since there’s basically nothing there to fuck a woman with, just an overgrown clit for a cock. The condition of having a less than average sized is a lot more common than ones would imagine, and many of the small dicked ones make their way to phone sex sites, since their real life sexual exploits are usually less than stellar.

Many times even prostitutes will have little to do with them, they have enough average sized clients that they don’t need to worry about the micro penis set. It’s a pretty sad day when even a hooker won’t take your money or fuck you because your dick is just too small. They learn to make do with porn and masturbation, or some turn to men for sexual contact, since they will be the ones either bent over and taking dick up their ass, or on their knees sucking the cock of another man, so the size of their cock doesn’t really matter when other men are using them.

Cuckold relationships are usually welcomed by these men, since at least then they will have some sexual contact with a woman, even if it’s just being their “clean up boy” and licking the cum of another man out of their pussy after another man has fucked them and left it there. They may be allowed to watch as someone really pleasures their woman and get enjoyment from her getting enjoyment. Such is the life of the tiny dicked cuckold.

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