Gyno Exam For Men

You’d be surprised how many men have fantasies about going to the gynecologist and getting a female pelvic exam. I cannot even count them all over the years there have been so many. Trust me, had these guys actually had one, I doubt they’d be clamoring to get into the stirrups again, yet for some, it is a real thing to fantasize about as they are jerking off. They like to talk about getting hard while on their back on the table and the doctor noticing of course, but not saying anything, so as to make them feel self conscious.

There’s usually a giggly nurse nearby that notices and embarrasses them, perhaps that even helps them cum for the required sperm sample, though how you mix sperm samples and a gyno exam, I’m exactly too sure, but I guess that’s why they call it a fantasy, it doesn’t necessarily need to make sense, it’s not reality, it’s fantasy. The testicles are sometimes also examined, squeezed, checked for lumps and of course the prostate part of the exam cannot be overlooked.

That’s usually where the orgasm is going to happen, when the good doctor inserts her lubed, gloved fingers up inside of him and feels around and he then has an ejaculation and apologizes that he just couldn’t control it. Medical fantasies are very common, busty nurses, stern doctors, always female ones though, and the hapless patient just not being able to control themselves. Some even pretend these events have actually happened and they are relating stories of their latest exam. Yes, sure the nurse jerked you off when the doctor stepped out of the room, she pulled out her boobs for you as well to help, uh huh.

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