Hot Cousin Phone Sex

Have you ever fantasized about one of your cousins? It’s pretty common to do so. Many have even done sexual things with their cousins, they figure they are not as close as a sibling, so it’s more acceptable to be “kissing cousins”. When I was younger I used to spend a few weeks each summer on the farm of one of my cousins and my oldest cousin was very good looking, and I only got to see him around the holidays or in the summers, and each time I saw him he seemed to be more and more handsome.

I wanted to get his attention, and I had the room next to his and when everyone had gone to sleep, I would leave my door open a crack and masturbate. I knew he was still awake since I could see the crack of light coming from under his door, and I would be loud enough to attract his attention and it worked. One day we were in the barn and he said I sounded like I was having a good time the night before and could he maybe join me? I was thrilled to have gotten the reaction I wanted.

We had privacy right then and there, so I put some blankets down on the hay bales and we stripped down and started to masturbate. His cock was long and thick and very erect. I spread my cunt lips open wide for him to see my glistening wetness as I finger fucked myself. I watched him stroke his cock until he blew his huge load. I reached over to touch my fingertip on the head of his cock and get a drop of it off and then sucked my finger and he said what a naughty girl I was. I did love those summers at their farm.

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