Sexy Older Man

When I was in college I saw this sexy older man for over a year. I wasn’t a golddigger, but he was very generous with me and always gave me lots of spending money for clothes and tuition. A friend of mine had told me about an arrangement she had with a generous older man and she thought since I was looking for an income, this might work for me as well, so she told him she had a similar friend and did he know anyone that might be looking for the same sort of set up they did, and he did.

I liked this man the first time we met and we went over all the sorts of things our arrangement would and would not encompass, and he wanted companionship, he was a widower, and I wanted a nice income without having to do much for it. You’d be surprised how many of these sorts of things are going on. I didn’t mean to fall in love with him, but no one had ever treated me so well, certainly not guys my own age, and I did fall for him.

This went on for over a year and even though he was older, boy, give him a Viagra and he was as good as a much younger man and able to satisfy me. We both got something out of the arrangement and when I graduated debt free and a little wiser, I was glad for it to have gone on. He moved away for business and I got a good job not long after finishing school, but he was one of the most patient and thorough lovers I’ve ever had to this day and I’m glad I got to experience what an older man had to offer, because I was impressed.

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