Pull My Ear!



One of my slaves I meet for real time domination sessions is a very bad boy indeed and he needs strict punishment, and I’m only too happy to oblige. He is partial to ear pulling, as in me grabbing a hold of his ear and yanking him around with it. It seems to turn him on a lot to have a dominant Mistress pulling him around and showing him who’s boss. Many times, when I’ve gotten a hold of him, I’ve pulled him downwards to his knees, right in position for pussy licking.

He’s a good slave and he has an even better tongue. After I’ve made his ears sore pulling him around for a while, it’s time to service my cunt. I’ve had him lick my cunt as I stand, but I also have a queening box which I sit on and he lays on his back with his head in the box and I sit on it and my dripping cunt is right in his face, perfect for licking. He’s a good licker, and treats my cunt with the respect she deserves.

Whenever I’m in the mood for being eaten out, I be sure to find him and lead him around by the ears for a bit. He knows what that means and it means he’s going to do what I want. Even if it means making him lick my ass. I make him do that, too and he’s good at rimming as well as pussy licking. I’m glad he knows his place. Last week he got a bit of a shock when I made him get in the queening box and I sat on his face and I had a pussy full of cum and his mouth was full of another man’s cum. He wasn’t expecting that and yet he didn’t seem to mind.

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