Jungle Lust


I went away for a weekend on a tropical getaway, and when I was there I had some very sexy times, let me tell you! The cabin I was staying in was charming, and there was a lot of privacy. There was a nearby man made lagoon we could use for swimming in addition to the hotel pool, and I took advantage of it and swam several times a day. One of the times I was finished my swim and saw another guest watching me from his lounge chair and he beckoned me over to say hello and offer me a drink from the pitcher of margaritas that he’d just been delivered.

I accepted and we sat down and chatted for a while and he was handsome, and the drinks were strong and we were both apparently horny, since it wasn’t long before I was going back into his cabin with him and peeling off my wet bikini and him his shorts and shirt. The ceiling fan was spinning and it was so relaxed and comfortable and we were soon tumbling on the bed and making the most of our afternoon delight.

He kissed me deeply and began to finger my damp pussy, teasing my clit and then bringing his fingers up for me to taste them, which I did. I could feel his stiff cock against me and I got on top of him and straddled him and slid down on his cock. I rode him well and my tits were jiggling in his face and he toyed with my nipples as I squeezed his cock with my pussy lips, milking him tightly. It didn’t take long for me to cum I was so horny and he loved my cunt too, because he shot a huge load inside of me and I could feel every squirt inside. It was a sexy little weekend, I’ll tell you that…

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