Red Wing Night


The other night my boyfriend was really horny and we haven’t been together that long, so not totally familiar and comfortable with one another and what is ok or not ok. I had my period and I personally don’t mind having sex then, but some guys would rather not, the whole thing disgusts some guys and they just wait until you’re finished to fuck. I’d started it earlier in the day after he left for work and before I left, but it was due.

When he came home all randy I said I was bleeding and I’d understand if he didn’t want to, I could just give him a blow job and that was fine. He took me by surprise and got a wicked grin on his face and said actually, he’d “earned his red wings” years ago and he even had a bit of a fetish for when girls were on their periods and he didn’t even mind going down on them then. I was a bit surprised, but hey, we could always shower afterwards, so I put down a couple of beach towels and we got to being naughty.

He even helped remove my tampon and he kissed my pussy and sucked on my clit. I’d never been gone down on while I was bleeding and it was a bit nerve wracking worrying about the blood and the odor, but he said not to give it a thought and I swear he went to town more on me than he had before when I wasn’t bleeding. After he went down on me, he flipped me over and fucked me from behind and really pounded me. When he came I could feel it running down my leg, at least that’s what it felt like, I guess there was blood running down as well. After, we went and scrubbed up in the shower and he’d really made me feel accepted as a woman by being so free with me.

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