Holy Cliffhangers, Batman!


What could be sexier than a superhero? To some people not a lot apparently. I had a caller the other night that told me about his custom made Robin costume, from Batman and Robin, that he loved to wear for masturbation and encounters with his Mistress. Apparently the Mistress also had a selection of costumes such as Catwoman and Wonder Woman. Now as surprising as it is, this isn’t the first superhero call I’ve ever had.

There have been ones that liked to talk about being dressed up in costume and being put in perilous situations before. He mentioned to me how many time the superhero’s would be tied up by the villains until they outsmarted them and how all the bondage and power struggles was all very arousing. Now I can honestly say I’ve never had that thought before. When I used to watch batman and Robin reruns when I was a little girl after school, and many people did, I never got aroused watching them in any way. I guess boys just see things differently. Now that’s not to say some woman somewhere out there isn’t also into he superhero thing, I’m sure some must be somewhere, but I’ve never come across them as of yet.

I did used to have a thing for Superman, but it was more the actor that played him, Christopher Reeve, him I certainly had a big thing for as a pre teen when the 1978 movie came out, I was quite besotted with Superman and had posters all over my bedroom. Robin however is more of a low key figure, not one of the big guys like Superman, Batman, or Spider Man, so it’s curious to me why someone would desire to be the sidekick rather than the main superhero? Oh well, fantasies work in mysterious ways.

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