Talk Dirty To Me In A Robotic Voice


This week brings us an interesting call, a combination of 3 different fetishes in one, not a common thing to get more than 1 fetish per call, so this one was a bit odd to say the least. I got one of the rare robot calls where guys want me to talk in a robot voice. Not common, but I get them a few times a year. Then I’m told something quite unexpected, his wife is there. Usually a caller is alone during a call, so while not a typical couples call since I didn’t talk to her, she was there and I heard her talking in the background, and it wasn’t the t.v..

Then the kicker, he was apparently trying to actually get his wife pregnant and could only apparently get hard while listening to a female speak in a robot voice. The wife was apparently ok with all of this. I didn’t know what to say. I’m at a loss as to what sort of woman would want to be impregnated by her husband while he was talking to another woman, let alone in a robot voice, which I’d think most robot fans would keep to themselves as a fetish, so it was a very odd call indeed with me trying to get him hard, which apparently is a regular issue for this guy and only a robot voice can do the trick. My God, what his wedding night must have been like!

Apparently he was still not able to get hard, since I kept hearing in the background as he spoke to her, “It’s not working, it’s not getting hard!” Oh what a call it was, one of my most memorable in a while. Then I was to do the malfunctioning robot voice, imagine the wife hearing that coming out of the phone, if I could get past the weirdness of it all I’d be laughing, but I didn’t hear her laughing, she was trying to get hubby hard while I malfunctioned in his ear, slowing down, speeding up, my a memorable impregnation tale to share with Junior down the road!

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