All In The Family


Threesomes for fantasies are common, incest is common, but this week I had a call that combined them in a unique way I have yet to have heard of before. A man called in and wanted to watch me with his 2 grown sons, 19 and 22. Well I like young guys, but this guy wanted to watch his own sons. Not participate with them, just watch. I was a bit surprised to say the least. He thought it would be fun.

Now whether he was looking at these boys as an extension of himself, I have no clue. He didn’t want to fuck me, but he sure wanted to watch his sons go to town on me. Not that he wanted them doing anything with each other, it just sounded a bit odd though. I later mentioned this to a guy I chat with and he said he likely wanted to make sure his sons were not gay, which also seemed an odd reply! I swear, I will never understand men if I live a million years, the thoughts that go through their minds.

He sang their praises as how good lovers they’d be and what nice, big cocks they have for me. I didn’t know what to say, I’d never heard a guy speak this way about his sons. Lots of guys talk about wanting their mom, and even to watch her with someone, but this was a new one. Perhaps he wanted to see them prove they were a chip off the old block. No idea, it was different and he loved to talk about they would please me and pleasure me, all while he watched. He didn’t say if he’d be masturbating or not as all this was unfolding in front of his eyes.

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