Naughty Nurses


A lot of guys have a thing for nurses. I’ve had several callers over the years ask me if I was a nurse, I’ve no idea why. Many like the idea of the medical exams and get quite turned on by detailed talks about prostate exams and gloved fingers going up their ass and even talking in medical terms and going through the entire process. Usually the doctor and nurse are both there in the fantasy, sometimes one taking an active roll, other times the other one does.

Sometimes the extraction of a sperm sample is also involved and they have to collect some in a cup to send off to the lab for analysis. I’m not sure why so many have the slutty nurse fantasy in their heads, but it is a popular one. I recall reading in a book by a nurse that she once helped jerk off a patient. It was a burn patient that had had skin grafts on his thighs and he was trying to hump the bed face down, I think his hands were bandaged too, and she found him and was afraid he’d ruin the skin grafts, so she masturbated him. I’m sure things like this do go on, and obviously it’s not spoken about.

Nurses used to be thought of as loose women and whore’s, since they were unmarried women that were seeing naked men and tending to them. So the mythical sexy nurse has a long standing mystique about them that lives on even though most now would never even consider equating a nurse with a whore or a loose woman. The naughty nurse fantasy will no doubt always be around and in the minds of many masturbating men.

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