Big Clit Humiliation

clit7A comment in a forum inspired this post. A man asked the ladies if they had ever wanted a bigger clit, like many men would of course wish for a bigger cock. My reply wasn’t very welcomed by the ladies, maybe they all have ugly, weird pussies, who knows. I replied no, I never wished for a bigger clit, I had a tiny, feminine one and was glad I didn’t have some ugly big thing that looked like a cock.

Doing as many small penis humiliation calls as I have, it’s a specialty of mine, I never thought if a woman called doing a clit humiliation call, because it’s too big! Sort of the total opposite. If you Google “big clits”, prepare to be horrified. There are tons on there that are bigger than many guys cocks. I can promise you the clients that email in tiny dick pics would be happy to have cocks the size of some of those women’s clits. I guess before porn we didn’t have pre set ideas in our minds of a perfect looking pussy, but a clit the size of a cock would be pretty gross. I guess for a guy that was into shemales it might be right up his alley, she wouldn’t need a strap on, she’s already packin’!

There must be some guys out there with a fetish for big clits, in all the years I’ve taken calls I’ve yet to hear a guy mention he had a thing for big clit women, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. It might be a more acceptable thing to them than a chick with a dick, a shemale, this is an actual woman with a cock sized clit. But it wouldn’t shoot cum, and maybe that’s what they want. It is a weird looking thing though, I’ll take average any day.

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