Foot Fetish For Deformed Toes

longer toe

Now I’m no stranger to foot fetishes, I hear about guys¬†every day into feet on their cock for foot jobs, or ones into worshiping feet. This is all pretty common. I did however hear about a twist on this foot fetish, a caller had a thing for a foot deformity. The one where people have a longer second toe. It’s a freakishly ugly thing to me, a genetic disorder passed down in families. Many call it “Morton’s Toe”. It was actually common in ancient Egypt.

It can make walking difficult for some that have it, and there are corrective surgeries for ones looking to have it corrected. But fear not long toed freaks, there are some out there that crave your alien toes around their cocks and in their mouths! They have fetishized your genetic shortcoming and get off on it! One thing I laughed at not too long ago, well more was repulsed by than laughed, was in the Avon catalog they had a few models showing off different sandals and nail polish with their deformity and I couldn’t fathom why they would hire ones with ugly, deformed toes to show their items.

Perhaps others don’t think it’s as ugly as I do, in any case, the caller with the desire for such feet surprised me, I’d truly never in all the calls I’ve done had one into this. When he asked me if by chance I had such a toe, I was thrown since I’ve never been asked that by a caller before. There truly is someone out there imagining something weird for every deformity out there.

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