Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do….


A story this week in the news about a sexy looking criminal getting worldwide attention for his model like good looks is once again the same fetish as many women have had, the bad boy. Now most of us that have had the hots for a “bad boy” aren’t literally talking criminals here. Heartbreaking jerks who repeatedly cheat and lie to us are jerks indeed, but not actual criminals. Some ladies thought DO have the hots for the worst of criminals, like ones behind bars for crimes such as rape and murder and other violet and horrible crimes.

It’s hard to understand women calling jails hoping to get in touch with one of the men behind bars because they read about their story, think they are too good looking to be a criminal and are going to try and save them-and get a boyfriend in the process. Talk about fishing in the worst possible pools for romance! Jails and prisons isn’t the answer ladies! Talk about liking the edgy types, can’t get much edgier than a man behind bars. Some women have a rescue complex, they think they can “save” a man that’s in all sorts of messes.

I’d think most of us would envision a guy behind bars as bad, he wouldn’t be there if he was a white knight. Many women may not have had luck getting with a guy in the real world, so they look to a more captive audience, where a guy might be deprived of female attentions and would be glad for any, so that’s what they go after. Seems sad really, that that’s all they can get, a guy locked up that’s a criminal.

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