As Fowl As It Gets


When one thinks of bestiality, you usually think of the barnyard variety, or a dog. One poor critter has also been the unfortunate apple of men’s eyes since the beginning of time you wouldn’t normally think of. The bird. I recall a joke my mom told me years ago, “What’s the difference between kinky and perverted? Kinky just uses the feather, perverted uses the whole chicken.”

In most cases the poor little things would be horribly injured and need to be put down afterwards due to the size differences, where a man fucking a horse or a sheep wouldn’t really be hurting the animal, but a bird is so small and not designed to have such a large object inserted like a humans penis. Another gruesome fact, many men kill the animal just before they cum in it, because the contractions of its death, make the vaginal or anal cavity contract further, milking the guys cock. So not only are they violated, but will have their neck wrung or slit. What a way to go…

Laws were not as severe for animal sex with a bird than if you did the same with a farm mammal, so birds often were the target of the horny and the cruel. Now an ostrich would be size wise big enough, but they are mean creatures and you could risk disembowelment at the prospect. Why they can’t stick to their hand if a woman isn’t handy, I do not know. Men are odd ones in their choices to spice up their masturbation, not a doubt.

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