Catheters For Medical Play


One of the things guys into medical fetish like is urinary catheterization. Seems bloody painful to me, but some like it, like some like enemas. Now they are not looking to have their bladders drained like most with a catheter have, they are on the contrary, looking to have their bladders filled. Not just with water either, but with a mixture to purposefully irritate the inside of their bladders, like a mixture of water and say Tobasco sauce.

Can you even imagine what that would feel like in your bladder, would be hellish I’d think. They want to be filled and made to hold their tortuous mixture for as long as possible, to the point of pain and some even beyond that point of pain until they can no longer stand the urinary torture they are experiencing. I tell you, these people want some damned mean and twisted nurses and doctors!

It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to do this to themselves, ones that need these devices for medical issues would no doubt do anything to be free of them forever, yet ones who don’t need them at all find it arousing sex play, cest la vie…..I guess like most other things, as long as they aren’t hurting anyone, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just a fetish some into medical play utilize. If sticking tubes up their dick and filling themselves with hot sauce gets them going, who am I to judge. Just make sure all the things you use are sterile and won’t cause you any real harm, since seeking medical treatment for your own medical play could indeed prove embarrassing!

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