Cock And Ball Torture


cock in mousetrap2

I enjoy cock and ball torture calls. They are so easy and fun to me. It’s not at all difficult to think of guys that have hurt me in real life and channel that aggression into what the callers want.

I recall one guy asking how many guys I’d put in the hospital, I laughed and said too many to count. As if, but it’s what he wanted to hear.

My grandmother always said I had a mean streak a mile wide, and this is a perfect venue for that, even if only in talk and not practice. I can have a cruel and devious mind for sure, and am only too happy to talk about inflicting pain on those balls and that cock.

I will never forget the man that talked about using a lighter under his cock, my first thought was, “there’s a weenie roast!”

There’s just something so empowering about torturing a man’s most beloved body part, so vulnerable. For ones that are particularly in need of some severe punishment, let’s bring out the mascara wands, syringes filled with hot sauce and the fishing line and candles and clothespegs.

I like imaging winding fishing line really tight around a guys limp cock, covering it in melted candle wax, then arousing him so he gets hard and his grows making the fishing line dig in deeper. Sounds fun, eh? Especially if they still had pubic hair. Ick, but makes the wax drippings more painful for removal. Let’s go for maximum pain here, shall we?

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