Mannequin Love

If you have agalmatophilia, then I’m betting your favorite movie is the 80’s comedy “Mannequin”, since ones with this fetish have got a real “thing” for dummies. Literally.

I always think of that “Twilight Zone” episode “The After Hours” about the mannequins that come to life after the department store closes. That would be right up the alley for ones with this fetish. They can also be attracted to statues and even dolls.

I’m sure a psychiatrist would say being attracted to an inanimate object is for ones afraid of a real connection, that they have a dominant nature and want to not have ones with an opinion of their own. I can’t say I have ever had a caller talk about mannequins, but one has “a relationship” with his blow up doll named Susan…….

Maybe the mannequin lovers wouldn’t want their beloved dummies anymore if they did come to life, since then they would have a voice of their own and an opinion of their own, which might not necessarily match theirs. They remind me of guys that are into the “Robot Fetish” . There are all sorts of odd fetishes out there with just as many odd guys to go with them I have found…….

Imagine introducing your “girlfriend” to your friends and family. At least she wouldn’t monopolize the conversation. Hey, at least you could ride in the carpool lane, right? She does come with her benefits! Mannequin love is different than blow up doll love, since blow up dolls are made for sex, mannequins are not. Would be interesting to sit down with lovers of both and compare notes.

Be sure to check out this entertaining site!

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