I Vant To Suck Your Blood

There is a certain something about vampires. The Twilight movies have proved that, as has the series True Blood. There are ones that have a real blood fetish though, called hematolagnia. Blood play during erotic moments is nothing new, just a bit more extreme than most care to get involved with.

I have actually had a few people talk to me about vampire fantasies. Complete with neck biting and blood drinking. One man was attracted to the danger of getting a blow job from a woman with fangs. The excitement coupled with the danger of getting his dick impaled with fangs was apparently just too sexy to resist.

The other vampire experience I had was with a personal phone partner. I was neither anticipating it or wanting it and it was not a welcome topic for me and the relationship ended rather quickly after this odd turn.

Sucking, or as some put it “feeding”, can be from either the neck or the wrist. I recall seeing some of these freaks on a talk show years ago and they went on about regular blood tests and how safe it was and how the “donors” and “feeders” were just all having so much, good clean fun. Uh, I’m afraid to me good sex doesn’t require anyone to open a VEIN! Yikes!

I guess as long as everyone involved is a willing participant, so be it, but all seems a bit odd to me. Anything that can be thought of has likely been done before by someone else…..

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