Auditory Voyeurs

When one speaks of a voyeur, the first thing that comes to mind is one that likes to watch. But there are voyeurs of the strictly auditory variety, that get off on listening to others.

Phone sex is a perfect example of this, but this is two people feeding off of each other, one would say a true auditory voyeur is one that gets off on listening but not being discovered. One who in a hotel would be listening intently with a glass to his ear as the couple next door make love and he enjoys their sounds of delight that he’s listening in on with them being unaware.

There are even some phone sex lines that have eavesdropping lines only, so the ones that call them are not speaking, they are just listening in on others steamy conversations and masturbating. It can be very arousing to listen to others, the breathing alone and change in tone of voice can get you hard or dripping very easily.

When one listens in, they like to picture in their own minds what is going on to create such sounds. I could be considered an auditory voyeur, but I have no interest in watching, just listening. To close your eyes and picture what’s going on to make those sounds can be very arousing indeed. Often much more exciting than if you could see, so that’s why I’m not into watching, but most men are very visual, but some also do appreciate sexy sounds.

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