Pygophilia-Baby Got Back


Many guys appreciate a fat ass on a lady. Some celebrities have them and I don’t like the look of them, all I think of when I see them is they should get liposuction! Many guys favorite position though to fuck in is doggy style, and they like a fat, jiggling ass to see jiggling when they pound that pussy from behind. So even though a lady might not have the same appreciation a man does for it, there are certainly ones out there who love it.

Ass worship guys literally like being smothered with it. Having their noses and mouths buried between those ample ass cheeks, licking up and down that ass crack. Of course anal sex is always popular among guys that appreciate a fat ass as well. Grabbing them by the hips as they sink that cock deep inside and watching it glide in and out. Doggy style isn’t the only position guys into fat asses like, they are also usually fans of the reverse cowgirl position, female on top facing the feet, so they can get a good look at the ass as the lady bounces up and down at the same time they admire her.

Some women’s bodies do not have to be fat for them to have a big butt. A girl can be fairly slim otherwise, yet have a very out of proportion ass. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of guys into flat asses, but I’m sure they must exist somewhere, every other fetish sure does! With today’s growing concerns about rising obesity rates, I doubt guys will find girls with big butts in short supply, more seem to have fat asses these days than do not, so fear not guys, there’s no shortage of big butts anytime soon!

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