The Start Of Masturbation

Woman with her hand in her pink and black polka dot lace panties

I know some callers like to talk about early masturbation experiences, especially ones that have been affected by mommy or sister or someone walking in on them and how it’s affected them. I’ve always been a horny girl and can recall playing in the tub as young as 3, and having orgasms at 8, all from masturbation. No one ever touched me, or abused me, I was just a curious young girl and loved to do what felt good.

I know many guys that had their mom’s walk in on them and it was such a scarring experience it has an effect to this day. Many were spanked and punished and some with spanking fetishes to this day, that is the root cause of such things. People have no idea how damaging shaming a child is for a natural act. I’ve never had kids and never will, but if I did if I was unfortunate enough to walk in on them during such a private moment, thank God it never happened to me, I’d just quickly close the door again and walk out and pretend it never happened, that’s the best route to take.

Some well meaning and more liberal parents seem to take that as a cue to tell them later on that it’s normal and nothing to be embarrassed about, and while that’s well meaning and not a bad approach to take, I have spoken to enough interrupted parties that the stepping back out as quickly as possible and not saying a word is the most appreciated route to take. Some parents that are liberal even take the let’s make fun and joke approach, further embarrassing the child, even though they mean well, the child doesn’t appreciate that either.

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