I Wonder What Makes Him Tick…


A fetish I’ve never heard of before presented itself last night. This caller has a thing for ladies wearing large, round wristwatches. Now most people these days do not even wear a timepiece. There’s simply no need for one. They carry around cell phones with time on them, so why would you ever need a watch? I might be one of the rare people that doesn’t own a cell phone, but I never wear a watch myself. There usually clocks out and about, or else you can ask someone for the time. Watches are just not needed anymore for the most part.

This man wanted a lady wearing a watch and nothing else. And he was very specific in his description. Black leather band, large, white face, black Roman numerals on it. Now it gets interesting in this next part, as the watch was soon removed from her wrist to being placed, around guess which part of his anatomy…You got it, the cock. Now his apparently just shy of 11 inch cock is too big for most ladies to take it all, so the watch placed around the base of his cock will still not interfere with her pussy lips, since she cannot take it all inside anyway.

When I asked about a rare lady that might be able to accommodate this 11 inch monster, I was told the watch could go inside her as well. I tell you, how they come up with this stuff I cannot imagine. He was very aroused talking about this watch on his cock and before it got placed there on her wrist and watching this timepiece in the various positions he was fucking her in. Of all the things to be aroused by- a watch! Tick tock, on your cock…..

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