Big Toys For Girls And For Boys


An odd fetish some have not grown out of is that for their stuffed animals. As kids most of us share out beds with untold numbers of stuffed animals and toys, and sometimes our youthful masturbatory adventures cross over to playing with our toys in a way our parents never dreamed of. I can honestly say I never got down and dirty with any of my toys, I was never really into toys, except Barbie.

I have had a few calls over the years from grown men doing naughty things to their teddy bears, even as adults, which always seemed very odd to still be doing it as an adult. I read recently about guys doing this as well as kids, making holes in a stuffed toy and fucking it, girls tend more to hump them and rub themselves with them. Some apparently still find such pleasures with them. I can only imagine the cum filled poor toys…

I guess a toy is a familiar object of comfort, and many that first start exploring reach out to their inanimate friends to go down that road with. I always found fingers enough, but then ones really into their stuffed toys might prefer them for naughty times as well. Including their friends kind of thing. Many behaviors you’d think people would outgrow as they got older, but some are sticking with them. I will never see a large carnival toy the same way again, thinking someone might be getting naughty with it. Curiously, once when a friend told me she wasn’t getting along with her boyfriend and was considering breaking up with him, I had an odd dream about her and a large toy gorilla and her having sex with it, though in the dream it was its tail she fucked, yet gorillas don’t have tails…Very odd I realize, I can’t imagine where that dream came from, never did tell her as I thought she’d think it very odd, and it was very odd.

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