Blood Pressure Passion


A man called the other day and mentioned he had a medical fetish, I assumed we were going to go down the normal medical fetish call route I get where guys with a small cock want the lady doctor or nurse to measure their cock soft and then get them hard, measure it again, then measure sperm output. That’s pretty typical for medical fetish calls I get.

I did get one once with a guy that wanted me to go through talking about the entire physical, not even sexual, just describe the whole routine you go through for a complete physical. So this guy the other day calls and says he has a fetish he bets I’ve never heard of before. I said well, I’ve been an operator 5 1/2 years, I have heard a lot. Then he revealed what his fetish was, and he was indeed correct, I have never had one caller into getting their blood pressure taken.

I said I was surprised to never have heard of this. Apparently for his entire life getting his blood pressure taken is very arousing. I said but it’s such a horrible sensation, it’s painful, I want to punch them in the face when they take my blood pressure it’s such a horrible feeling, like your arm is being squeezed to the point of torture. Brief yes, but unbearable. And to think this gets him hard!

I asked if he had his own cuff, since it’s easy to buy them for home use. He said no, he didn’t want to “get addicted”! So he limits it to yearly check ups and once in a while a check at the drug store. He’d never told a girlfriend or his wife this since he knew it would be considered odd and frankly, he was worried someone might use this against him. It’s odd yes, but how could ones use it against you? It’s not like he’s into blowing dogs or something! One of the odder things I’ve heard in a while for sure.

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