I Want To Cut It Off


As incredible as it seems there are some people that have a fetish for being an amputee. Not being sexually attracted to other amputees, but people who actually want to have a healthy limb removed. People have gone so far as to damage their own legs or arms beyond repair by cutting, shooting, or freezing them to the point where amputation was required, sometimes planning for years how to do so.

This fetish is a body image disorder and they do not feel complete unless they are ironically, made incomplete. Most doctors will not even consider removal of a healthy limb, these people need mental help, not physical injury. Ones are also attracted to amputees though, there is a whole amputee porn fetish genre and ones that are attracted to only ones with missing limbs. It’s bizarre really that they are searching for ones made incomplete by accident or disease or birth defect.

It is an odd world, yet it’s good to know even with a deformity that to some it doesn’t matter and they may even seek you out because of it. Many times ones obsessed with these fetishes look at amputees as having much more courage and mental strength than the average person since they have had to overcome so much. Life is difficult enough when you are healthy, it is made even more difficult if you have disabilities or hardships on top of that. Ones that are amputees are usually not that way by choice and would likely do anything on earth to be whole again, that’s why it’s so bewildering that someone would want to do this to themselves on purpose for any reason.

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