Awww, It’s An Innie!


OMG, asking is it an innie or an outie should be a question for belly buttons, NOT cocks! Small penis humiliation is a very popular fetish among men. Some of the pics I have been sent are simply not to be believed they are so pitiful. There’s literally nothing to fuck a woman with when you have an acorn sized cock. Is it in yet is a question they will have heard with every encounter they’ve ever had with a woman, not a doubt.

Men seem to honestly not realize what an average cock size is. I’ve had ones call with “average” size by their estimation and I ask what to you is average. “Oh, maybe 8 inches”. Most guys would kill for that size. I then inform them North American sized erect cocks are 5 1/2-6 inches. Some will have 3 inches and tell me that’s average. Um, not unless you’re Korean, the world’s smallest cock guys. I start to smirk every time I hear an Asian accent when I pick up the phone, because most Asians calling are calling for one reason only-small penis humiliation. Such little fellas they are!

Cuckold is big among the Asians as well I find because of this. Their small cocks do make them feel insecure about not being able to please a woman sexually, so they like to envision another, better built man being able to. Small penis calls are fun, so easy to make fun of these twerps! My number I’ve made cry has gone up to 8, so always an audience for these calls.

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