Say My Name


“There is no sweeter sound to any person’s ear than the sound of their own name…” – Dale Carnegie.

A fetish for some is that they love to hear their own name during sex or phone sex. I don’t know if you’d go so far as to call it a fetish, but some guys are specific that they want you to call out their name, say their name during their phone sex call with you. Yes, it’s nice to hear our own name during intimate moments. I have a “thing” about names myself, so I can kind of get it.

If a guy has a name I don’t like, I couldn’t be with him. Guess that’s a bit odd to some, but it would be a real thing with me. I don’t mind saying their name, it’s not much to ask and if it makes them happy. I usually have to ask them again what their name is even if I asked when I picked up the phone, most conversations go in one ear and out the other as fast as they transpire in this business. Unless it’s something humorous or weird, you just don’t recall an average phone call.

I love the sound of my own name as well, and on personal phone sex calls, not business ones, I always make sure and tell them my real first name to call me by, they usually like it too. One time a bad mistake happened when someone that loves their name being said asked for his name to be called out and I sadly said a name alright, but not his. The one I was thinking of, oh boy, that was awkward…


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