Is Phone Sex A Fetish?


Is phone sex a fetish? I don’t think it likely fits into that category, but perhaps if you can’t achieve sexual satisfaction unless you are having phone sex, it very well might get into that category. If it is, then I raise my hand, I’ve got that one! Once you get into phone sex, you really don’t want to go back, and alone simply doesn’t cut it anymore I find. I think women not into phone sex simply don’t know what they are missing.

I know guys are visual and many love to watch as well as listen, it used to bother me when a personal phone partner of mine would have porn on in the background as we played, made me feel I wasn’t enough, but men are wired differently than women and have more visual needs, especially ones with not the best imaginations. Most that call are not seeking cam sex or they would be calling cam girls, not phone sex girls. They have needs that can only be met by explicit conversations and talking things over and sounds for many are very arousing.

Phone sex is so much better than masturbating alone, having company while you masturbate just takes things to a whole different level of enjoyment to me. So many people are deprived in their real life relationships, yet unwilling to leave, so phone sex can fill a void for them and give them some level of intimacy otherwise lacking in their life. Phone sex is safe and fun and less risky than a real life encounter or relationship. Why don’t you explore what phone sex can do for you today.

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