Let Me Look At Your Vagina, (NOT Cunt)


Many men out there do have some odd medical type of fantasies, usually involving a nurse or a doctor. Even some not into the medical type of scenario have a real thing about proper medical terms being used. I recall one caller complaining to me that many other girls didn’t actually know the proper words for the body parts, and I found it astounding to hear they didn’t know words like labia, clitoris, testicles, etc. They only knew the slang terms.

I don’t understand why the proper medical terms would be arousing but they clearly are to some guys. If some guy said to me, come suck on my penis, I’d look at him a bit surprised he didn’t choose the more natural sounding, come suck on my cock. It just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same, and sounds oddly clinical and unappealing. If they are having a doctor fantasy I can sort of understand it, a doctor isn’t going to use slang terms, but for just talking to a client, it is the odder choice to use the “proper terms”.

Some words turn different people on, no doubt about it, and they can be odd words that others wouldn’t understand being turned on by. One man always and only referred to his cock as his “willy” and would correct you if you slipped up and said cock or dick. They can be very choosy about how they like things worded, and if they are the picky ones, you’d best not make a mistake or you will hear about it.

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