woman with handcuffs

Sexual role reversals in role play and fantasy very common, many men that have jobs of power like cops, judges, doctors, they often seek the total relinquishing of control in their sexual lives. They have total control in every other area of their lives and for sex they often like a woman to be in control. Dominatrix’s clients would mostly be men in some position of power. Seems funny to think of a cop crawling around on his hands and knees wearing a dog collar and being whipped with a riding crop.

Some are into very hard core whippings and spankings, to the point of skin being brought up in welts and red and lashed. There is no shortage of websites online that cater to ones into BDSM and these sorts of sex games. I was surprised to recently see a site you could buy handcrafted bullwhips on, I swear there is everything out there you could want and more if you look for it. I can’t say there are not men I have met that I wanted to use a bullwhip on, quite a few have deserved it thoroughly!

Imagine dungeons filled with lawyers chained to the walls, ha ha, good place for many of them, that’s for sure, to think the are paying to be there and be abused by leather clad Mistresses, spanked, fucked with strap ons, leather hoods, treated like subs and slaves crawling around on their hands and knees as their asses are whipped with riding crops.

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