Just Say No!


In today’s oversexed culture, perversions and fetishes seem the norm. I read someone asking the question is chastity the worst perversion of all? No, if ones wish to live without sex in their lives it doesn’t make them a pervert, just a little repressed I’d assume. Many claim the problems in the Catholic church would be reduced if they allowed the priests to marry, then they wouldn’t be going after the kids.

To my way of understanding, by making the priests and nuns take vows of chastity, they feel they can devote their life to others and not be concerned with a family of their own that would otherwise take up their time, although other religions have ministers and rabbis and they are allowed to marry and have families and still serve their congregations. It’s ironic that the chastity imposed on them is the very thing that brings about much of the perverted behaviors in the first place. By denying them sex in a normal relationship they act out inappropriately to ones around them they shouldn’t. And a great deal are closeted gays and lesbians as well.

And some people willingly wish to save themselves for marriage, a quaint idea that can lead to some unhappy surprises for all involved. I’ve spoken to several guys that married virgins and they had not so much as discussed sex with these women beforehand and then were surprised and shocked that these women had no plans of engaging in oral sex, or sex that frequently at all of ay kind. When you think of the number that religion and guilt has done on people, it’s criminal, absolutely criminal.

C-cover up

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