Bug Chasers


Now this next fetish is so bizarre, it’s hard to believe it’s real, yet indeed it is. Bug chasers are not one that seek to collect lady bugs or fire flies in jars, they are people that are actively seeking out HIV+ sexual partners. Yes, that’s right, they are looking to hook up and get a terminal illness. Oh I dunno why, because it’s just so fucking sexy??????? Are you kidding me???? Apparently there are people out there who fear it so much, they’d just rather contract it and get it over with so it’s no longer such a pressing worry.

Some partners in relationships where one is positive and one is negative feel it would be like an extra commitment to their partner to accept “their gift” and join them in their fatal disease. I’m betting if they talked to end stage AIDS patients about the suffering they have likely endured, the hundreds of pills they must take each week, etc., they likely wouldn’t be so romanticizing it in the first place. How can one romanticize getting a fatal disease? I couldn’t even grasp this was real, yet it is. I don’t know how I have missed it, as it’s been around for quite a while, yet I just never heard of it until recently.

There are so many things wrong with this fetish of purposely going after disease ridden individuals for the purpose of a slow suicide, I can’t even count them. I’m guessing the lucky ones that do get infected can then pass “their gift” onto other such misguided head cases. God help them all…..

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