Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus


When does healthy appetite cross over into an addiction? Many say for any type of addiction it’s when it over takes your normal activities and interferes with your daily life, when the thought of it overrides other things and takes up more than a healthy percentage of your time. I am not a man, so I cannot think like one. A client of mine I would deem a sex addict and I had a conversation the other day about his voracious sexual appetite and how it seems to take precedence over all else in his life.

He’s married and supposedly has regular sex with his wife, she’s not a cold fish he never gets anything from, but his need for variety has him spending thousands on escorts every month, going after the wives of friends, it’s never ending and it’s insatiable. I’ve never heard of anything like it. Scary to think there’s likely lots more in his situation. I certainly think paid sexual encounters should be legal. It makes me wonder though how many men out of fear of being caught are refraining from using them?

When your every day is consumed by orgasms, masturbating a few times and then with the next escort you can plan on getting to, and with some the need for variety is such I recall one man saying, no matter how beautiful the escort was, he’d only ever be with her once. So many women, so little time. He wanted new, and frequently. Nothing like the first time with a new woman, he said. They want that newness, that feeling, every time. The need for that is unthinkable to me. I don’t understand why once you find something you like, why don’t you wish to repeat it? Men truly are from Mars and women from Venus, I guess.

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