Heavy Cummers

heavy cummer

A fetish for many guys, not quite sure if it would be a true fetish, but it’s a deep desire, is to become a heavy cummer. Some men seek to increase their sperm volume incredibly. Every week at least I get emails in my spam folder for some kind of supplement or pills for increasing sperm volume. Now to me, I’d think they’d want less. Less ejaculation would be less mess. Who wants more mess? Apparently they do.

I guess somehow in their minds they think more output of fluid means a stronger, better feeling orgasm, it doesn’t really make sense, yet they seem convinced of it being synonymous. I can’t see most women that swallow wishing for even more to swallow, I think most would like less. How many times on the phone are men trying to impress me with telling me they have porn like displays of 8+ shots of cum, not the average 1-2 squirts that most men achieve. One teaspoon is the average output per ejaculation. I swear most men would be happy with 1/4 cup!

More isn’t always better, yet you cannot convince some of this fact. Taking pills of heaven knows what to increase volume, well I guess they can only measure output volume before and then a couple of months later after being on said supplements to see if there’s any marked difference in the amount. Most people simply do not consume enough liquids, so even just being properly hydrated may make a difference without resorting to any pills. I seriously doubt any Dr. would be concerned if a man came to them and told them their sperm output was lacking. Unless you’re cumming dry, I wouldn’t be concerned.

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