Hicupps Are Sexy?


I have had guys call for calls about sneezing, nose blowing and farting and burping, but now I have heard from one with a different fetish-one for hiccups. Apparently some find watching women shaking uncontrollably as their bodies are wracked by hiccup after hiccup sexy. Not quite sure where the appeal lies here. It’s extremely annoying to have the hiccups. I have breathed into bags to nearly the point of fainting to get rid of them, the idea that someone is turned on by this is amazing to me.

I think it’s that we cannot control them that seems to be the appeal of these sorts of fetishes like hiccups and sneezing, nothing at all we can do to stop it or control it, it’s beyond our control.  This loss of control seems to be precisely the thing that appeals to the men with this fetish. I have looked online after learning f this fetish and there are indeed websites and forum boards for ones into this. One thing I noticed was many sites even have a soundfile section where you can listen to ones as they are hiccupping. Imagine masturbating to that sound!

You can make yourself sneeze sometimes by pepper, can blow your nose, burp with a few mouthfuls of pop, but how you would make yourself hiccup, I really cannot picture. Maybe they go after drunks? No clue. As fetishes go, it’s fairly harmless, like many it’s just odd, no real harm. So pass the champagne, it just might make me hiccup….

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