I Want Your Hair In Pigtails, Baby…


A fetish many guys have is for younger girls. Hair worn in pigtails or a pony tail and dressing up in school uniforms is often a way to indulge this type of fantasy. I will never forget a personal phone partner that upset me when he said a couple of times he wanted me to make my voice higher, I don’t sound old, so I didn’t understand and was made to feel old sounding until I got the full picture when he asked if I’d call him daddy….Ohhhhhhhhh, THAT’S why you want me to sound younger. It’s not that I sound “old”, it’s that you want really young sounding. Um, not happening.

When he knew how upset I was he let it go, but I then got the full gist of what he’d been going for, oh boy. Just too vanilla for most guys, I guess. The pigtails do give that young look, as most grown women simply don’t go around sporting them, so it adds to the overall look and feel of the underage girl they are fantasizing about. Pigtails and pony tails can also be used as handles of sorts and can be used to tug the head around as they have their dick down your throat and pull you back when fucking you doggy style.

So if your guy is into younger girls, why not surprise him by greeting him when he comes home from work wearing a schoolgirl uniform and having your hair in pigtails (think the Britney Spears video “Hit Me Baby One More Time”). If you can handle it that is, don’t ever make yourself uncomfortable for any guy, you’ll just resent them.

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